Ultra Pure is the Best Synthetic Urine on the Market

(2 ounce) Ė Ultra Pure Urine to pass drug test

    Recommended for an unsupervised drug test.

    Has a 100 percent success rate.

    A unisex product.

    Contains all essential ingredients present in real urine.

    2 year shelf life

    No refrigeration required.

    This product canít be shipped to consumers residing in AR, KY, OK, NJ, NC, SC, PA or IL.

Our products work

The company offers a 500 percent money back guarantee if you donít pass a drug test.

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Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine (4 ounce)

The 4oz Synthetic urine is a premixed sample that has been created to protect oneís privacy during a urine drug test. The size of the kit is appropriate for those who might have to give multiple samples to the lab on a single day or required you to deposit urine samples into a toilet without flushing. This is why, this larger 4oz drink is recommended to people appearing for a drug test on a urine sample.

The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine can be used both by men and women, making it a unisex product. This liquid contains all the necessary ingredients that are commonly found in urine and the levels of specific gravity, acidity, creatinine and other parameters are balanced so that you pass the urinary drug test. The bottle containing synthetic urine comes attached with a heating pad and a thermometer to make sure that the 4oz sample is close the body temperature.

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Ultra Pure Ė Synthetic Urine Sample

Just like every other Ultra Pure detox product, the Synthetic Urine Sample too is known to be very effective in passing a drug test. The toxin-free sample is laboratory grade and is often used in the calibration of testing equipment. It is very hard to detect and possesses all the characteristics of natural human urine. Synthetic Urine isnít a bio-hazard that rules out the possibility of catching an infectious disease. The sample contains 2 ounce of synthetic urine.

Using Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

Using this synthetic urine is pretty simple. The product is formulated to product your privacy in a drug test. To use, pour the contents in the urine cup at the testing facility. Ensure that the contents are roughly close to the bodyís temperature. The container can be microwaved for up to 10 seconds to maintain the optimal temperature. After heating, shake the bottle well. The heater pad can be attached to the bottle for prolonged heating that will keep the bottle within the temperature range for up to 6 hours.

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Heater Pad

The Heat Factory heating pad will help to maintain the proper temperature (95F - 100F) for submitting to the lab.

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