Blood Drug Testing Information

About the Blood Drug Test

Although not a very common type of drug test because it is considered too intrusive, the blood drug test is still used in certain situations. To pass a blood drug test is fairly easy because with the right product the detoxification time can be relatively short. To pass a blood drug test, we carry a line of Total Body Cleansers that can detoxify your body and enable you to pass a blood drug test. Water soluble substances do not linger for a long time in the body. However, the oil soluble substances (such as marijuna and benzodiazepines) can be quite tricky to remove. It is in fact possible to abstain, test clean and then have the toxins redeposited. Because they store in the fat cells of your body, at certain times they may NOT be present in your blood or urine but by just doing something that causes you to be physically active, you can release the toxins from the fat cells back into the blood stream, which can hinder your effort to pass a blood drug test. You therefore can never be too sure when trying to detox on your own. It is strongly reccommended that you use the Total Body Cleanser to pass a blood drug test. Unlike urine and hair drug tests, blood drug tests measure the actual drug that is in the system and not the drug metabolites. For this reason, blood drug tests are usually (but not always) used to measure actual impairment usually right after an accident.

Blood Drug Testing Products

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