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Saliva Swab Drug Testing

If you have to pass a saliva drug test and you have unanswered questions on your mind, then hopefully this will help. The saliva drug test is the second most popular form of drug testing. The saliva drug test, just like the urine drug test, can be administered as a drug screen (means it is done right on the spot with an "at home" type test) and as a drug test (meaning the drug testing is performed at a lab.) This type of test does not detect as far back as a urine drug test or a hair drug test would and is fairly easy to beat. Even though abstenance is the best policy, it is not always the realistic or the most viable option for a person to pursue. Especially when abstaining does not fit into the alloted timeframe for an individual prior to taking the saliva drug test. A "weekend-user" will test positive for toxins for only 3 or 4 days. A more regular user will test positive for only up to a week. Drinking lots of water and sweating will help to remove the toxins more quickly from your system. If you don't have time to prepare for your saliva drug test, try using our Ultra Klean Mouthwash. To beat a saliva drug test however is very easy with the right product. On our site you will find a specialized product to beat a saliva drug test and it is called the Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. You can find it below along with the saliva pre-cleanse capsules and the saliva drug test. As always, buy any two products and receive the third free of charge. If your order comes out to be greater than 135$ in value receive the overnight shipping free of charge as well.

Saliva Drug Testing Products

Ultra Klean Ultra Wash
Saliva Mouthwash
mouthwash effectively cleanses toxins from your mouth.
OrAlert Oral Fluids Test
OrAlert Saliva Drug Test
A a saliva drug test kit is a clean and easy drug test.
AlcoScreen Alcohol Test Strips
Alcohol Test Strips
provide a fast, highly efficient way to determine the presence of alcohol in Saliva